Heat Loss and High Energy Bills

Much of the housing stock in Ireland has been built with solid walls – classed as ‘hard-to-treat’ because they cannot be thermally improved with the use of cavity wall insulation. Unlike unfilled cavity wall homes which lose approximately 35% of heat through their walls, solid wall homes will lose as much as 45% space heat through untreated walls. Any measures to make heating systems more efficient are made less effective as heat escapes through the external walls.

Benduff Eco fix external wall insulation systems will significantly reduce heat loss, leading to lower heating bills and carbon emissions. As well as improving thermal efficiency, Benduff Eco fix external wall insulation systems revitalise the appearance of homes and keep the outside walls completely weatherproof.

Solid-Walled Properties can be Insulated either Internally or Externally.

Benefits of External Insulation

  • Higher heat-saving walls are possible through insulating externally with out the loss of any internal living space.
  • As work is carried out to the outside walls meaning disruption to the household, including internal fixtures and fittings, is minimized.
  • The risk of condensation within the wall structure and thermal bridging is eliminated.
  • A weatherproof, attractive and generally maintenance-free new exterior is provided as part of the thermal cladding of the building.
  • Work can be carried out alongside other trades such as window replacement and roofing.
  • Existing structures will become more stable, as they will be protected from all weathering elements such as wind and rain.

Mineral and Aggregate Finishes

Mineral renders are extremely hardwearing and a wide range of colours and textures are available.

  • Scraped Textures provide a natural stone appearance and require no long-term maintenance over the life of the system.
  • Spray Roughcast Textures popular in SW England and Scotland can also be produced.
  • Attractive Dash Aggregate Finishes can be achieved through the use of different colour combinations of render and aggregate.
  • If more vibrant colours are required the use of synthetic finishes with a light aggregate texture are recommended.
  • A wide range of colours are available and can be selected from the Benduff EcoFix colour card, freely available upon request.